Birth Injury

Even with the latest technological advancements in prenatal care, babies are still suffering birth injuries

Birth Injury Lawyers

One of the most heartbreaking events for any parent is a birth injury to the newest member of their family. The result of a birth injury can be mental and physical developmental issues, or learning disabilities. Many times these afflictions can be permanent — lasting a lifetime.

Approximately 27,500 children are the victims of birth injuries each year in the United States. Oftentimes, a birth injury isn’t immediately apparent and only comes to light when the child’s developmental achievement is below the standard level of his/her peers.

Your Birth Injury Case

Birth injuries can range from cuts and bruises to spinal cord injuries. Sometimes, the mother suffers injury at the same time as her baby. The Law Offices of Robert A. Rivers is practiced at helping the victims of birth injuries, and we can help you and your family, too.

Determining Who’s at Fault

It’s not always apparent when a healthcare provider’s negligence is at the root of a preventable birth injury. This determination is made by a board of independent medical professionals (chosen by your birth injury lawyer) who analyze the medical records..

Negligent actions (or inaction) that can result in birth injury include:  

  • Deviating from standard medical procedures
  • Failing to recognize and address issues
  • Failure to make timely decisions, 1.e. ordering a C-Section.
  • Inexperience
  • Poor training
  • Inadequate supervision

Negligent Birth Trauma

If an analysis of the factors surrounding your baby’s birth injury point to negligence, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be on the horizon. This is how we will secure a fair settlement for you and your family’s loss, anguish, and your child’s lifelong needs. A birth injury lawsuit considers past and future medical expenses, including estimations for special schooling and physical therapy. Also taken into consideration is prospective loss of income due to a decreased earning potential. This lawsuit can also seek reparations for the immediate family’s pain and suffering as well as the loss of a pleasurable life.

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