Jan 3, 2019

Car Accident Injuries

Car Accident Injuries

Types of Injuries and Claims

The amount of compensation that will be sought in a car accident will be based upon several issues. The actual degree of injuries suffered is one of the most significant factor s in the amount of compensation that is finally awarded in a settlement or verdict. At The Law Offices of Robert A Rivers,  in Norcross, GA, attorney Robert A Rivers will carefully analyze your case so that every possible form of compensation is sought. All cases are taken on a contingency basis; the firm is only paid if they are successful in recovering compensation for you. This allows you to have the highest quality legal representation without the need to pay unless our law firm succeeds in achieving a settlement or a positive verdict in court. It is advised that you contact a Norcross, GA car accident lawyer from our law firm as early as possible after the injury so that no supporting evidence is lost.

Catastrophic Injuries: Spinal Cord Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Loss of Limb, & Other Permanent Injuries

Those who have suffered a catastrophic injury need to ensure that they have legal representation protecting their rights, as they are permanently affected and they are often unable to work, or hope to function and live as they had prior to the accident. In some cases there is a degree of recovery over time; in the most tragic cases, there is little change and one can only arrange matters so that the individual has the best possible care and treatment. All of these costs will be addressed in the claim filed against the negligent party. Not only will the medical care and treatments be part of the claim, the permanent effect on the injured person's life will be pursued.

Soft tissue injuries, broken bones, cuts, and others are also very serious and can take many months to heal. No matter what has occurred in the accident, our law firm stands prepared to take action and pursue fair compensation and justice. If you or someone you love has suffered injuries from an auto accident, contact an attorney from The Law Offices of Robert A Rivers, for immediate legal assistance.

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